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You are watching Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles with 720P quality. Dirilis Ertugrul is the series about the father of Usman, Founder of the Ottoman Empire.


The Dirilis Ertugrul Series is about the Muslim Fighters and Leaders who fought and Martyr for the Muslims for making a powerful place.

The series is the people and for their basic desires. Being human, we all have a desire for something. Some will have a desire for money, power, fame and some have a lust for the knowledge. It shows betrayals and the moral dilemmas of loved ones.

Due to the desires, people around you be jealous of your achievements whom your trust, some people behave so sweet in front of your face and stab in your back, you can be trapped in false accusations when no one believes you.

This series throws light on the ways of successful leading life. Dirilis Ertugrul shows how a man can become a loving husband, good son, ideal father, and a good leader and fighter. Ghazi Ertugrul Believes on Allah and seeks help from Allah and his prayers get answered. He fights with the evils of the world with the power of Allah knowing that Allah will always help him and he will never betray.

Ertugrul was the father of Usman. He was a Kind and a Brave man. Ertugrul was 3rd the son of The Suleman Shah, Leader of Kayi Tribe. Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gökhan) was the leader of the Kayi tribe. Suleyman Shah had four sons, Gündogdu, Sungurtekin, Ertuğrul, and the youngest Dundar. Kayi Tribe was famous for their brave soldier who fights in the battles.

There was a cold war among Muslims, Mangol, and Christians.

The series is full of the challenging journeys of a human who is on the edge of giving up many times in his life. We find him standing firm in the face of his enemy and fighting with the evil for the survival of his people and his tribe.

The Ottoman Empire was the longest time period Empire in the history of the Muslims. So this period has an important part in the history of Muslims which was round about 800 years. When the Ottoman Empire ends, that Empire has 47 countries.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season 3 Urdu Subtitles

This Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu Season 3 starts with the shifting of Ertugrul from Aleppo to the place where Sultan Alaeddin asked him with his trusted friends and Soldiers. When they arrive there, they face hand to mouth and famine. The shadow of darkness and traitors followed them.

Sultan Alaeddin:

Seljug Sultan of Konya Sultan Alaeddin Appreciates Ertugrul for his courage and bravery for fighting and invading Karatoygar’s, with Mongols and castle of Christians, Sultan impressed with him. Sultan Allaeddin asked him to work with him as a Spy, and Ertugrul accepts his offer because he always fought for him. And he didn’t tell anyone about this. When they arrive there, they meet a man of Sultan Alaeddin, who told him about his new task that the sultan assigned him. Sultan wanted to Ertugrul to invade the castle of Karachaisar.

in Season 3 Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles. First assigned the task to Ertugrul was to create a situation to invade Hanli Bazar, a Bapist Yeahya, at that time, the owner of this Bazar was Simon, a Templar who his identity and behaved as a Muslim but in Actual we find him he was against the Muslims and propagating against them. He was Knight Templar Commander. He was friends of Chavdar Sardar Candar Bey Ural who was a Greedy and Evil person who always Jealous of Ertugrul Accomplishments.

Hanli Bazar:

Ertugrul goes to Hanli Bazar as a spy and to sell their rugs, where Venetians, a Tribe, and other people from other tribes come to buy them. He sends Turgut with caravan to take rugs of a man from venus, he buys their rugs. This act of Ertugrul enrages of Ural, he bought some street thieves to attack the Caravan of rugs who carrying goods in the responsibility of Turgut. They burned all the goods and kill all of them, Turgut injured during this fight in Season 3 Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul suspects Ural but because of lack of Proof, he stays quiet. The sister of Master Simon, Maria save Turgut and liked him.

Hanli Bazar: a place of slaves Market with buying goods for the nearest Tribes. In Season 3 Episode 2, Ural buys some slaves and asked them to escape, he wants to kill them in the revenge of Ertugrul. The Ural kills two of them. During escaping of the third slave, Ertugrul save him and pay double for him to the Ural, he was an old man, Ertugrul saves him and takes him to his Tribe, his name was Hacaturyan Usta. Due to paying to the Ural, this situation of low Gold the whole tribe got furious as they have now out of stock and bad condition.

The Slave:

The slave Hacaturyan Usta was a Skillful person, he had worked in Gold Mines when he was not a slave. He helped Ertugrul in many ways. He suggests Ertugrul that he can find gold from mines and rivers for him as he saves his life. He also helped him as a Spy in Karachaisar Castle’s Shop against Tekfur Vasilius, a Commander of Castle.

Chavdar Tribe:

In Season 3 Episode 3, Aliyar a son of Sardar Chavdar Tribe came back from studying in different cities. The daughter of Sardar of Chavdar Tribe Aslihan meet with her brother and told him about the worse situation about his brother the Ural, created by his acts and with Ertugrul revenge. The father and the elder son invites the Ertugrul and his family at their dinner and offer them to work both for the big task of completion of rugs in the large numbers. Ertrugrul Ghazi agreed to their offer after meeting with his family. Sardar appoints Halima Sultan as a Head of this task. And make his daughter Aslihan and Ural’s wife under her Supervision in Season 3 Episode 12.

Plan of Master Simon:

When Turgut was attached by the Ural’s Soldiers. Maria sister of Master Simon takes him to his palace and treats him with care. She started to love him but the Turgut leaking their information with Ertugrul. In Season 3 Episode 13, they became aware of Turgut leaking information to Ertugrul. They make a plan against him. They prepare a hard poison and pour it into the letter. They write some information on it and gave it to his man that he will take to their Sultan in front of Turgut.

Maria and the master know that Turgut will try to kill their soldier and take this letter to Ertugrul. He does as expected, he kills that man and takes that letter to Ertugrul. He reads that letter and poisoned worked and spread. His eyes become full of blood. After reading that letter he came back to dinner where Sardar Chavdar, his both sons, Aslihan and his family are sitting there. His eyes became red and try to kill them all in Season 3 Episode 14 Urdu Subtitles.

Aliyar saves his family and other persons from Ertugrul behavior. They could not understand the behavior of this sudden change of Ertugrul.

In the meantime, Ibn Arabi reciting a Quranic Ayah Surah Falaq for protecting Ertugrul from Poison and these AYAT worked. This soothes Ertugrul Ghazi, he faints and fell down. Artuk Bey started to treat him in Season 3 Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles.

Ertugrul’s Treatment:

Artuk Bey (Tabeeb) came and the condition of Ertugrul Bey Shocked him. He tries his best to control his condition but he was unable to do so. He left Ertugrul on the will of Allah with the teary eyes. At the time with miraculously, Ertugrul gets up, Artuk Bey became happy to see him but Ertugrul told him that he will never tell to others about him. He was making a plan against his enemy. Ertugrul told him that he will announce his death. He wanted to know his enemy who gave him poison. And also he wanted to see the Ural, if he announces his death in Hanli Bazar and takes over to Bazar then he poisons him in Season 3 Episode 16.

From this, we learned a lesson that, Allah has complete control over someone’s Life and Death, and when Allah Plans, the conspiracies of the enemies don’t work.

Blame on Turgut:

In Season 3 episode 17, Turgut heard from someone that the letter he gave to Ertugrul was Poisonous and Ertugrul dies due to poisonous letter. He runs toward Kayi Tribe but Soldiers and people of Kayi Tribe stopped him. They blame and blame him for killing their Bey Ertugrul Ghazi. He wants to clear himself but no one believes him and the whole situation became deeply disheartened him. He began to blame himself. He killed Maria and other main soldiers of Master Simon.

Ertugrul’s Plan:

Ertugrul has the plan so he asked his Tabeeb, Artuk Bey, that he will go to mountains from the secret way and bring my friends and soldiers that he trusted them to the mountain when his soldier arrive there and also capture the Turgut in rops. Ertugrul appears on his Hours, everyone cheers up to see his Bey. Ertugrul told them his plans to attack Hanli Bazar and unveiling his face bo Betrayer. Ertugrul and all soldiers fought with bravery and courage against the Templars and win the Bazar.

Ertugrul’s Victory:

Ertugrul takes over the Hanli Bazar by defeating Master Simon and announce to all traders and investors that he has no desire to hurt someone’s faith and overthrow unless they do. He told everyone they can continue their trade but we will not take any interest and never entertain which is forbidden in Islam.

In Season 3 Episode 19, the Sardar Chavdar wanted that marriage between Aslihan and Ertugrul. He knows the power and courage of Ertugrul the Sardar of Kayi Tribe. Aslihan also liked Ertugrul. Ertugrul refuses his proposal which made them Furious. They thought, its disrespect of our Tribe and Sardar, no one refuses him. So he makes Ertugrul his enemy and wants to take revenge.

In the meantime, in Season 3 Episode 20, Ameer Sadettin Kopek arrives in the Chavdaar Tribe and proposes Aslihan for marriage. Aliyaar who came back from different cities and Syria after Education tries to convince his father and brother that this idea is not right but his father ignored his suggestions.

The governor of Karachaiser Castle stops trade with Hanli Bazar. They continue to entrap Ertugrul to kill him. In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 22 Vessilius attack on Governor’s daughter; she was coming to meet her father. Her name was Helena, Ertugrul Ghazi promises to take her back to her father alive. He fulfills his promise and the Governor of Castle became happy with Ertugrul, also he impressed his bravery and courage so he announces to trade with Hanli Bazar again. In Season 3 Episode 24 of Resurrection Ertugrul invites him to Hanli Bazar.

Vessilius ambition:

He was commander of Governor in Karachaiser Castle when the Governor announced his friendship with Ertugrul and about trade, Vessilius started to making filthy plans to kill Governor in Hanli Bazar. He wanted to become the Governor of Castle. He succeeded in his plan and he wanted that everyone believes that Ertugrul invites and kills the Governor in the Hanli Bazar in Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles.

Ural’s Death:

The Ural continues to invading and making plans to kill Ertugrul. Ertugrul was searching for a man who killed the Governor of Castle. Then a trader came in Chavdar Tribe and meets with the Ural and told him that he is a Trader and wanted to trade with Chavdar Tribe. When Ertugrul Finds him with the help of Aliyaar Bey, that Trader blames the Ural offered him Silver and Gold to kill Governor and then blame Ertugrul for Murder. Aliyaar also becomes against his brother. The Ural also killed the Kaya Alp in Season 3 Episode 13.

Kaya Alp moves with the Ertugrul during migration in Season 2 after the death of Tuğtekin’s and Gökçe Hatun.

In Season 3 Episode 29, Ertugul imprisons to the Ural and then write to Sultan Alaeddin to inform all the matter and ask him to send Qazi (Judges) for the right Justice and decision. They arrive and they announce death for Ural. During this Sardar of Chavdar dies due to the death sentence of his son Ural. And Ertugrul delays the death of Ural.

Later on, Ertugrul free Ural on condition of making Sardar of Aliyaar of Chavdar in Season 3 Episode 31. Ural returns to his tribe and tries to kill Sardars who are with Aliyaar and Ertugrul. He also wanted to kill his Brother Aliyaar and Ertugrul. But he couldn’t succeed. He escapes from the tribe and goes to Krachaiser Castle and ask help to Vissilius and offers him a plan to ruin both tribes and also plan to kill Ertugrul. At this point, Muslims and Christians plan to kill Muslims. Vassilius and Ural killed Dogan (Roshan) in Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 44 Urdu Subtitles. This situation made emotional to all Kayi Tribe and Ertugrul and Dogan’s Wife Bano Cicek, now she wanted to kill Vasilius and Ural.

Later on, Vasilius and Ural killed by Ertugrul Ghazi in Season 3 Episode 57.

The Entrance of Sultan Alaeddin:

In Season 3 Episode 51, Sultan Alaeddin arrives in Kayi Tribe and introduced him as a Trader named Abu Mansoor, he offers to Zuljaan a Trade and later on he came to the training area where soldiers are busy in training. He then goes to Hanli Bazar. Aliyaar dies during a fight with Vessilius in front of Sultan Alaeddin.

Ertugrul wanted to attack Castle, he asked for his Permission to Sultan Alaeddin to invade Castle Karachaiser which he allows attacking but then he received a letter that the Ayyubies are attacking from one side and Mongol from another side.

The new Governer Ares came to the Castle; he asked Ertugrul and Ameer that if they did not attack Castle we will pay tax. At that time he accepts this offer of Governer but continues to think to attack the castle and stays on his mission which enrages the Governor of Castle the Ares. He attacked the Ertugrul and his Soldier when they are going to attack Mongols. He killed Ertugrul and Bamsi in Season 3 Episode 60.

Watch all the achievements and phenomenal struggles in Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Urdu Subtitles.

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