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You are watching Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 56 in Urdu with 720P quality. Dirilis Ertugrul is the series about the father of Usman, Founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Ertugrul was the father of Usman. He was a Kind and a Brave man. Ertugrul was 3rd the son of The Suleman Shah, Leader of Kayi Tribe. Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gökhan) was the leader of the Kayi tribe. Suleyman Shah had four sons, Gündogdu, Sungurtekin, Ertuğrul, and the youngest Dundar. Kayi Tribe was famous for their brave soldier who fights in the battles. After getting a difficult time of famine they decided to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life.

Kayi tribe was fighting with the Templars. Ertugrul falls in love with the daughter of Sultan. Later on, he married her. Ertugrul and his fighters have a lot of challenges.

The Ottoman Empire was the longest time period Empire in the history of the Muslims. So this period has an important part in the history of Muslims which was round about 800 years. When the Ottoman Empire ends, that Empire has 47 countries.

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