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You are watching Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 3 in Urdu with 720P quality. Dirilis Ertugrul is the series about the father of Usman, Founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The Dirilis Ertugrul Series is about the Muslim Fighters and Leaders who fought and Martyr for the Muslims for making a powerful place.

The series is the people and for their basic desires. Being human, we all have a desire for something. Some will have a desire for money, power, fame and some have a lust for the knowledge. It shows betrayals and the moral dilemmas of loved ones.

Due to the desires, people around you be jealous of your achievements whom your trust, some people behave so sweet in front of your face and stab in your back, you can be trapped in false accusations when no one believes you.

This series throws light on the ways of successful leading life. Dirilis Ertugrul shows how a man can become a loving husband, good son, ideal father, and a good leader and fighter. Ghazi Ertugrul Believes on Allah and seeks help from Allah and his prayers get answered. He fights with the evils of the world with the power of Allah knowing that Allah will always help him and he will never betray.

Ertugrul was the father of Usman. He was a Kind and a Brave man. Ertugrul was 3rd the son of The Suleman Shah, Leader of Kayi Tribe. Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gökhan) was the leader of the Kayi tribe. Suleyman Shah had four sons, Gündogdu, Sungurtekin, Ertuğrul, and the youngest Dundar. Kayi Tribe was famous for their brave soldier who fights in the battles.

There was a cold war among Muslims, Mangol, and Christians.

The series is full of the challenging journeys of a human who is on the edge of giving up many times in his life. We find him standing firm in the face of his enemy and fighting with the evil for the survival of his people and his tribe.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 in Urdu:

The Diriliş Ertuğrul Season 1 starts with a tribe named Kayi ruled by the Suleman Shah.

The women of the tribe make and design rugs and carpets and beautifully colored clothes and their men sell into Egypt, Kustuntuniya, and other places. They also sell their animals. The Kayi Tribe hasn’t any place of its own and they live on land find before asking from the Sultan or Ameer of that place. Kayi live there life as nomads.

The Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1 begins with Ertugrul going for deer hunt together with his friends. And throughout the searching, he hears a shouting of a woman within the jungle. He finds a woman and her Father and younger Brother encircled with some Christians fighting for her survival whereas her father is wounded and a younger brother is captured. Ertugrul and his friends fight for her. They kill all of them and rescue the lady together with her family.

The Prisoners Ertugrul Drama:

The wounded man was a Brother of great Sultan Alaeddin and was captured by Christians as a result of they needed him to fight against Sultan Alaeddin to his own brother. Basically Christians want that the Muslim fight with the Muslim.

They take them as guests and the tribe welcomes them. Father Noman Sultan, his Younger son and his Daughter named Halima Sultan are treated well in the tribe. Ertugral feels emotions for Halima Sultan, his father assigns him a task to meet with Ameer of Aleppo for the place to live shows in episode 2 of season 1 and speak to Ameer of Aleppo for a spot of residence and supply them their Alps in return.


Among the many Christians he killed, there was a person whose elder brother was Commander Titus. In Ertugral season 1 Urdu we saw that when he receives the dead body of his brother, he swears and declares battle against who killed his brother. In the meantime, Karatoygar, the person whose troopers had been bringing prisoners visits the place his soldier had been killed and finds an ax there which was left mistakenly by Turgut, one among Ghazi Ertugrul fellows.

Karatoygar investigates and gets the news by his soldier that it was due to the Kayi Tribe. He meets with Suleman Shah and asks for his prisoners which he refuses to present as it’s against their custom. Karatoygar threatens him and departs. The brother of Suleman Shah, Kurdoglu visits and reveals him his insincerity in direction of his brother and nephews and the way he needs to overthrow them. Kurdoglu was a traitor.

Karatoygar’s Tactic:

Karatoygar told to Commander Titus who killed his brother in season 1 episode 1. Titus changes his costume of Muslim and enters into the Kayi Tribe and asked them that he is a Trader. When Ertugrul going to Halab to meet Ameer In Season 1 episode 3. Titus came and introduces him as a Muslim in Front of Ertugrul and Ibn Arabi. Ertugrul introduces himself, and then Titus knows who is Ertugrual and who killed his brother.  Ibn Arabi prophesizes that there will be a time when a fighter free Jerusalem, Christians, and Muslims, and they will together under one Flag.

In season 1 episode 4 in Urdu, Ertugrul reaches Aleppo (Halab) with Ibn Arabi and meets with the Ameer El Aziz. Ameer rejects the proposal and orders to soldiers to take him off. Ertugrul fight s back and beat them all. He proves himself as Fighters in front of El Aziz.

Ameer El Aziz:

Ameer El Aziz will not be a reliable Ameer and his Uncle Shahab Ud Din dealing more with state duties. one of his commanders named Nasir was betraying El Aziz as he was insincere to him and supporting Christians and had employed Christians as the military of Muslims secretly.

Titus tries to kill Ertugrul by his soldiers and so they place a poisoned candle in his room which makes him dizzy in Season 1 Episode 5 in Urdu. At this time, Ibn Arabi saw in his vision that Ertugrual is in pain and he started to pray for Ertugrual, his prayers awake Ertugrul and he fights back to a soldier that entered to his room to kill him.

El Aziz’s uncle Shahbudin captured by the soldier of El Aziz. Though he was innocent. Ertugrul tries to save him because he knows that he is innocent. In Season 1 Episode 20 in Urdu Nasir poised Ameer against Ertugrul, Ameer refuses to Ertugral to proved shelter to kayi Tribe. Suleman Shah sends Gudogu to negotiate with Ameer but he refuses again. You can watch all this in Dirilis Ertugral Season 1 Episode 17 in Urdu.

Guldaro says to Ameer El Aziz that his Kayi tribe has already arrived and they would not go back. This makes Ameer Furios and he declares War against the Kayi Tribe and Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 22 in Urdu. El Aziz sees Halime, like her, and proposes her in Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 24. Halime accepts his proposal of marriage on the condition of releasing his brother Yigit who was caught by Titus in the way going to Aleppo (Halab).

El Aziz orders to Nasir his Commander to bring the Yigit brother of Halim from Titus. Yigit returned by Titus but Halim refuses to marry El Aziz. Ertugrul came to rescue Halim but El Aziz Ameer of Halab set them free in Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 59 in Urdu.

El Aziz forgives to Ertugrual and Halim but at that time Christian soldiers and Nasir commander of Ameer were taught by Titus that if El Aziz forgives Ertugral and Halim, attach them and killed them all including Ameer. Ertugrul fights back and wins over El Aziz, and he allows Kayi Tribe to live on the place where he gave them to live and he rewards them for their courage. Ertugral cut the neck of Nasir, the main person of Titus.

Christians Policy:

Templars and Christians capture the Turgut (Noor Gull) and brother of Halima and started to brainwashed of Noor Gul (Turgut) in Season 1 Episode 16 in Urdu. The master of Titus knows how to brainwashed by reading different books

They send Turgut back to Kayi Tribe and brainwashed him to kill the Ertugrul. On the way, he hit Ertugral and wounded him. No one understands why he is behaving like this. But when Titus and Christians came and help escape the Noor Gul (Turgut), this happens in Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 47. At this time Kayi Tribe understands the whole story. Turgut (Noor Gull) recovered again and married with Aykiz Hatun in Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 70.

Elanora was the niece to the Master of Titus, her father was disappeared and she always questioned his uncle for his father. Her father was imprisoned by her uncle because her father embraced Islam by Ibn Arabi when he was young. This was not acceptable by Christianity that’s why her uncle throws his father into imprisoned. And one day her uncle killed Elanora.

Nasir Commander of El Aziz dedicated by the Christian Titus to burn the madrassa and mosques. Where the youngsters of Muslims taught Islamic Education and stand aginst Christians ideology. Nasir did this and saying to people of Halab that it’s ordered by El Aziz Ameer of Halab. People of Halab became against El Aziz and wanted to bring new Ameer for Halab in  Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 31 in Urdu.

Christians are already aware that if they burn Mosques and Madrassas where Muslims taught Islamic education because these places are spreading Islam. If they can destroy these places they can easily take over Christianity of Islam.

The Ambition of Gundogdu:

In Dirilis Ertugral Season 1 in Urdu, Gundogdu Elder brother of Ertugrul concerned for his Kayi Tribe as Ghazi Ertugrul. He wanted to save his Kayi Tribe from Hunger and Famine but his way of performing actions was wrong. His wife continually poisoned to Gundogdu because she wanted to take revenge for her father, killed by Suleman Shah, and became the Kayi Tribe’s Leader.

His wife Shehnaz Khatoon poisoned his mind against the Ertugrul, she was a very unsupportive wife and every time used to taunt him. Because she wasn’t able to kill Suleman Shah. Gundogdu started to think that Ertugral wanted to get thrown from his father.

Ibn Arabi:

Ibn Arabi was a Wise man and his all actions based on the will of Allah. He always taught Muslims and Ertugral to the right path. He was one of the Muslim Secret Group White Beard People.

Muslims invading Titus’s inn:

Turgut (Noor Gul) was brainwashed by the master of Titus and they wanted to go to his Kayi Tribe and killed Ertugrul. They think that Noor Gul has changed his faith to Christianity.

They attach to Kayi Tribe by some Christians and Noor Gul. After this attach, Sulman Shah and Ertugrul decided to attach to Christians and end this war and throw them away from this place. Ertugrul finds a way to enter their place and kills them all.

All Turks had a secret Group called White Beard People, always used to educate people against Non-Muslim.

At the end of Season 1, Suleman Shah dies on the way to returning home. You can watch all Episodes in Urdu from our Website.

Kayi tribe was fighting with the Templars. Ertugrul falls in love with the daughter of Sultan. Later on, he married her. Ertugrul and his fighters have a lot of challenges.

The Ottoman Empire was the longest time period Empire in the history of the Muslims. So this period has an important part in the history of Muslims which was round about 800 years. When the Ottoman Empire ends, that Empire has 47 countries.

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